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Drs. Brian Longworth and Steve Gandee provide you with nearly 60 years of combined Chiropractic care experience. They utilize various Chiropractic adjusting techniques and Physical Therapy Modalities so that you receive the most effective treatment for your specific case, thus resulting in the fastest possible healing.

They also utilize Spinal Decompression, which has saved many patients from potentially dangerous and invasive surgeries. Common ailments seen are: Low Back Pain, Leg Pain (Sciatica), Neck Pain, Shoulder and Arm Pain, Knee Pain, Numbness and Tingling in the arms, hands, legs and feet, along with tension and migraine headaches.

Healthfirst Chiropractic also offers effective Weight Loss Programs for those that have had no luck dieting.

Let’s Look At the Facts

  • Up to 85% of the US Population will have Back Pain at Some Time in their Life
  • On any given day 6.5 million People are in Bed because of Back Pain
  • 5.4 million Americans are Disabled Annually due to Back Pain
  • An Estimated 93 million Workdays are Lost each Year due to Back Pain
  • 90% of All Back Pain Resolves in 6-12 weeks
  • 5-10% of Low Back Pain becomes Chronic
  • Only 20% of All Back Surgeries are Successful After 2 Years
  • The Total Number of Spine Surgeries in the U.S. Approaches 500,000 per Year
  • An Estimated $45 – 54 billion is Spent on the Treatment of Low Back Pain per Year

Surgery is not your only option! Contact Dr. Brian Longworth and Dr. Steve Gandee today to learn more about the chiropractic and natural healthcare available to you.

  • Head Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Lower Back Pain